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I quit smoking with Hypnosis

Cheryl's Personal Story

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Cheryl the Smoker - 1990's

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Cheryl the Cyclist (lol!) - 2023

 My quit smoking story began the last week of March, 2004.  At the time I was working as an Addiction and Mental Health Counsellor and had been a pack-a-day smoker for the past 19 years.  I had clipped an ad from the local newspaper to show my boss that read "Stop smoking, lose weight and eliminate pain through hypnosis."  I took it into my boss who read it over, looked me straight in the eyes and suggested that if I attended he would pay me for the evening.  The event was scheduled for the following Tuesday evening and at that time we Counsellors worked every Tuesday evening.  I responded that I needed to think about it and would let him know the following morning.  Not one to back down from a challenge I made the decision to attend and let him know I accepted his challenge at the start of our work day the following morning.  As each day drew closer to the following Tuesday, I became both excited and anxious at the thought of being hypnotized to quit smoking.  I knew absolutely nothing about hypnosis other than what I'd seen on tv.  (And that was not a positive depiction of it!) 

So on April 6th, 2004 at 6:25 p.m. I butted out my cigarette and walked into the community hall where there were approximately 50 to 60 others seated awaiting the event to begin.

I was so nervous! The room was cold. We were seated on hard wooden chairs. And quite frankly from the moment the guy/hypnotist started talking I thought he was a jerk.  (I would later learn during my certification training it's surprising the session worked given these circumstances.) After what seemed forever listening the the guy/hypnotist rattle on and on, all I could think about at the moment was how much I wanted to go outside for a smoke.  Finally he started the session....  following his suggestions I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.  Other than recalling that I would want to eat a leafy green salad at lunch and supper times (which I did daily for years afterward) I don't remember any other suggestions.  The next thing I know I heard him telling us to open our eyes.  It felt like 5 or maybe 10 minutes had passed.... it had been 40 minutes!  

I knew from the moment I opened my eyes it had worked.  For starters I was not craving a cigarette - and I knew I "should be" since it had now been two hours since butting out that last cigarette.  Second, an indicator that I had been hypnotized was that I had lost track of time.  And third, I was so relaxed despite the circumstances of the hard chair, cold room and the guy/hypnotist being a jerk that when I looked down, much to my embarrassment, I had drooled on my lap!


To ensure the suggestions of being a non-smoker continued, I bought the guy's/hypnotist's tape to reinforce the results.  Night after night for over a year I would fall asleep listening my the tape.


April 6, 2024 marks my 20th anniversary of becoming a non-smoker.  My why for wanting to quit was that I didn't want to turn 40 (I was 38 at the time of quitting) and be a smoker (I started at the age of 19)  longer than I was a non-smoker on this earth.  It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made with zero regrets!  My journey of remaining a non-smoker was not all rainbows, unicorns and butterflies and, hand on my heart, I promise you it will become one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Stop Smoking in
1 Hour!

At the core of our program is the transformative first session, aptly named the "Quit Session." In this empowering session, Cheryl uses her expertise as a  certified hypnotherapist to guide clients through a personalized journey, utilizing the power of hypnosis to rewire thought patterns and behaviours associated with smoking. This session serves as a vital foundation, setting the stage for lasting change.


To bolster the success of the Quit Session, each client receives their own personalized reinforcement recording. Crafted with precision and care, this recording acts as a potent tool, enabling clients to maintain focus, reduce cravings, and reinforce their commitment to a smoke-free lifestyle. The recording serves as a constant companion, supporting clients during challenging moments and providing ongoing motivation.


As a symbolic emblem of their commitment, clients are gifted a "magic" red band. This band serves as a tangible reminder of their journey, a source of strength, and a means to channel their determination. It becomes a wearable token of resilience, anchoring their resolve and reminding them of their progress.


Furthermore, our program is designed with an optional "booster" session, should it be necessary. Remarkably, our former clients find themselves confidently smoke-free after the initial Quit Session and personalized recording and 99.9% find they never require that second session. However, for those seeking an extra layer of support, the booster session is available within 90 days of the Quit Session, reinforcing their progress and further solidifying their smoke-free status.


Throughout our program's existence, we have empowered hundreds of former smokers to triumph over tobacco addiction and embrace healthier lives. Our holistic approach, combining personalized hypnotherapy, reinforcement tools, and unwavering support, has garnered a proven track record of success.


Discover the Wellness 360 difference and embark on a transformative journey toward a smoke-free future, leaving tobacco behind once and for all.

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